SBS-3G Type A 3-Drum All Steel Uni-Stage TBR Tire Building Machine

Product Brief

The SBS 3-Drum uni-stage TBR tire building machine adopts the most advanced technology in the world to perfect the tire building process and has a tire range of 16 to 24.5 inches. 

Equipment Features

The machine features: high precision, high quality and uniformity, high productivity, swift module exchange, easy maintenance. The tires built by SBS TBM are of standard shape and good dynamic balance.

Equipment Advantages

High Efficiency: 3 Minutes 20 seconds per piece

High Intelligence: PLC automatic control technology applied realizing multiple specification parameter setting and data storage, live monitor during whole shaping process

High Precision: Mechanical positioning used in carcass drum and belt-tread composite transfer, ensuring accurate good concentricity and high dynamic balance pass rate

Easy operation: 3 operators for the whole process, convenient component production specifications exchange

Technical Advantages

Automatic centering: inner liner automatic deviation correction, belt adopts pneumatic control 4-linkage mechanism automatic centering

Back roller stitching device: 4 set automatic combined roller stitchers, high uniformity, high productivity, good dynamic balance, carcass automatic stitching, inner liner joint automatic pressing

Carcass drum: seamless smooth surface. Multiple function such as vacuum absorption, good for composite rolling exhaust. 


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