MNS low-voltage switchgear system

The modular low-voltage switchgear system MNS is a type tested factory-built switchgear assembly (FBA)in accordance with IEC4391,VDE660,part 500,BS5486 part1,UTE63-410,GB7251.1.The cubicle used for shipping also conform to Loyds Registe of shipping. The structure of MNS switchgear is of two varieties;the fixed type and the withdrawable type,its selective materials are classified as the sheet steel structure and the plastic structure, Whose technology reaches international advanced level. MNS system is suitable for use in all installations where electrical enetgy is generated, distributed and utilized and is widely used as distribution system in power station 、nuclear power station 、shipping、oil placform and other enterprises isolation switch and GN22-10 large-current isolation switch.

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