YB series preinstalled box-type substation

YB□ —12/0.4kV series preinstalled box-type substation (hereinafter box substation, for short) is a compact, set power distribution unit which integrates the high-voltage power distribution unit, electric transformer and low-voltage power distribution in a box. The box substation is mainly used for urban grid reconstruction which is rated 50Hz, 7.2-12/0.4kV and 1600kVA, residential areas, high buildings, hotels, plazas, enterprises, airports, oilfields, wharfs, express highways, temporary power consuming facilities and other indoors and outdoors places. As a looped net or terminal-type power supply equipment, it is a new-type power distribution unit in place of the transformer of original power distribution rooms and poles. The product meets the following standards:GB/T17467—1998,DL/T537—93,DL/T537 standards:


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