VBS2-12 indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker

VBS2-12 type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is one of three phase 50Hz, 7.2 ~12 kV indoor high voltage switchgear, it is compliance with Chinese nation standard GB1984-89《Alternating current high-voltage circuit-breaker》, JB3855-96 《3.6-40.5kV Indoor alternating current high voltage circuit-breaker》, DL403-91《Specification of 10~35kV indoor alternating current high-voltage circuit-breaker》and IEC56《Alternating current high-voltage circuit-breaker》(1987). It is with reliable interlock functions, suitable for frequent operation, also with many times of breaking and quick re-close capacity. The VCB consists of operating mechanism and arc-extinguish chambers in front-back arrangement, it can either be used as a fixed installation unit or as an individual VCB carriage together with a base-cart.


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