KYN61-40.5 indoor armor movable switchgear

KYN61-40.5 indoor armor movable switchgear (simply called switchgear) is a complete set of the latest indoor electric distribution equipment produced by Shenyang Haocen Electric Co., Ltd. It is applied to three-phase a.c distribution single busbar sectionalizing system with rated voltage of 40.5KV,50HZ,indoor electric distribution equipment. Becoming recognized more and more widely, it has been used in many industries such as power plant, metallurgy, and chemical industry. KYN61-40.5 comply with the standards GB/T11022-1999. GB3906-1991 and DL404-1997 . It can be fitted with the ZN85 vacuum circuit breaker as well as the VD4 vacuum circuit breaker and HD4 SF6 circuit breaker made by ABB,


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