XGN15-12 10kV AC SF6 switchgear

XGN15-12 10kV AC SF6 switchgear cubicle for loop network is a three-phase AC 50hz, 12kv indoor distribution equipment(hereafter referred to as switchgear).It is a kind of metal-enclosed switchgear which take SF6 load switch as the main switch, the whole cabinet adopt air insulation. The productions structure compact and simple, flexible operation, easy installation. The switchgear is widely used as 10 kv power distribution system of ring network power supply and terminal power distribution in industrial and mining enterprises, high-rise buildings, residence community, schools etc.

The main switch of switchgear of may use FLN36-12 d (Ⅰtype, Ⅱtype) and the original ABB SFG type load switch as well as imported or domestic vacuum circuit breaker which is according to the needs of user, the operation mode includes both manual and electric.

This switchgear complies with IEC298 Rated voltage 1kV~52 kV AC metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment,IEC694 High voltage switch and control equipment common terms,domestic GB3906  3-36 kV AC metal-enclosed switchgearand DL404 indoor AC high voltage switchgear order conditionsand other standards. It also can provide perfect and reliable mechanical interlock and prevent misoperation.


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