TSC static var compensator

TSC static var compensator is one kind of new capacitance compensation device which can automatic adjustment according to grid system reactive power and the requirements of voltage control and dynamic tracking compensation. This product adopts full digitalization intelligent control system, using high power thyristor in series constitute high voltage AC non-contact switch ,instead of the traditional vacuum contactor and mechanical AC circuit breaker, and it can realize quickly zero passage switch for multistage capacitor sets. The response time of high voltage TSC series SCR dynamic reactive power compensation device is less than 20 ms, it can real-time monitoring impact load and time varying load, dynamic compensate, when the compensation capacity is enough, it can carry out the purpose of compensating power factor to above 0.95. In the meantime, existing compensation mode exist many weakness such as pressure regulating complex, control switch liable to impact, short service life, etc. For this reason, this device introduce American Westinghouse technology, it is a high performance product with dual function of dynamic reactive power compensation and automatic voltage regulating, technical level is in the lead in domestic. The product has significant characteristics such as reduce power loss, save energy, improve power supply quality , etc. It can bring huge economic benefit and social benefit to users.


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