KYN28A-12 indoor armor movable switchgear

KYN28A-12 indoor armor movable switchgear(simply called switchgear)is the complete distributing device of the single bus bar and sectional system of 3.6-12kV、3phase and 50Hz,It is mainly used for transmitting of power plant、middle and miniature generator, distributing of the industrial and mining enterprises and feeding and receiving of the secondary substation of the power system and starting of the high voltage electric motor ect., which is used for protecting and monitoring of the power system. This switchgear cubicle complys with the standards IEC298 and GB3906.It has a pushing trolly with load and it has the interlock function of protection the earthing switch from fault opening and closing the circuit breaker. It can be fitted with the VBS、VS1 vacuum circuit breaker, as the EV12、HVX vacuum circuit breaker made by Schneier, the 3AE vacuum circuit breaker made by Siemens well as the VD4 vacuum circuit breaker made by ABB,It is a kind of distributing device with advantageous tunction indeed.


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